The Ontario Center

Current NOI
Projected NOI
Cash on Cash
Equity Multiple
8 Cap Value (2028)


Welcome to the Ontario Center, a shopping center at the core of Ontario, OH.
E-commerce and COVID-19 make physical stores challenging for traditional retailers, disaster is immanent of not approached appropriately
Adapt vacant box stores - Sears, Macy's, JCPenney into breweries, sports facilities, distributors, entertainment while improving economic operations currently
Remarks of Mayor of Ontario - urgent need to revitalize mall, prevent downtown decline
Move tenants to one side to renovate remainder, create lively and full atmosphere while continuing operations
Current rate at less than $10/sqft and flexible zoning permits make rehabilitation equitable
Join us as a limited partner in an investment with strategic location, stable occupancy, steady income and long-term growth.
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Property Details

Property Address: 2209 Richland Mall, Ontario OH 44906
Total Building Area: 427,461 SF
Lot Size: 19.62 Acres
Number of Suites: 62
Parking Spaces: 967
Year Built: 1969

Investment Strategy

Transform the facility into a multifaceted business incubator focusing on e-commerce and self-storage. The mall will transition from traditional retail to more e-commerce and storage-centric operations.

Investment Opportunity

We invite you to participate in this exceptional investment as a limited partner. Strategic location, stable occupancy, and value creation potential make it an enticing opportunity for investors looking for steady income and long-term growth.
Limited partners will enjoy an 10% preferred return on cash flow, with the opportunity to benefit from the property's value appreciation over time.


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